Friday, April 19, 2013

Toddler Prayers

Jake has always loved saying the blessing before meals and most nights we say it multiple times at his request. He always gives a spirited 'AMEN' that could put a smile on anyone's face but he has never cared for our bedtime prayer and rarely pays any attention to it. I guess it's kind of boring to a toddler so I spun off a bedtime prayer from our blessing. These prayers are sung to the tune of 'Frere Jacque' and the blessing goes like this:

God Our Father, God Our Father
Once Again, Once Again
Thank you for our blessings, Thank you for our blessings
Amen, Amen

Our new bedtime prayer goes like this:

God My Father, God My Father
Keep me safe, Keep me safe
All the night through, All the night through
I love you, I love you

Well, at naptime today he asked to say 'God Father Amen' so we altered it a bit to 'All my nap through, All my nap through...' and in the midst of me singing it a dozen or so times he said 'Mommy safe Amen'. And he said it over and over. My 20 month old prayed for me and I cried because it was one of the most incredible moments I've ever experienced. It's been a long, sleep deprived week and today has been hard and frustrating. That precious moment restored everything. God is good!

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